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The European Risk Management Council is a platform for sharing the knowledge and best practice in risk management. The Council represents a think tank of risk executives and risk ‘gurus’ from leading banks, insurers, investment and asset management firms and other financial institutions, consultancies and global industrial companies operating in Europe. Focusing on the key themes in risk management, the Council provides an opportunity for industry discussions and facilitates professional communication and sharing best practice in risk management, regulation and compliance. In addition, the Council meetings provide a unique environment for networking and socialising.


Risk Landscape Review – March 2019:

The European Risk Management Council has published the Q1 2019 Risk Landscape Review. This edition consists of three articles:

  • Culture and Conduct: Progress and Opportunities” by Elizabeth St-Onge and Edward Emanuel, Partners of Oliver Wyman;
  • Weathering the STORM”, a special report of Chartis Research
  • Making sense of the turkeys’ vote for Christmas”, an update on the UK Risk Sentiment Index, produced by the European Risk Management Council.

Please download the editions of the Review from our Resource Centre.


Risk Landscape Review – September 2018:
This edition is fully dedicated to the strategic risk management survey that the European Risk Management Council has conducted with Genpact. Information that we collected during the survey and live interviews with CROs and senior risk management executives provides an important food for thoughts. It reveals a current state of strategic risk management in the financial services industry, challenges that a risk function faces and a direction that strategic risk management is evolving.


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