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The European Risk Management Council is a platform for sharing the knowledge and best practice in risk management. The Council represents a think tank of risk executives and risk ‘gurus’ from leading banks, insurers, investment and asset management firms and other financial institutions, consultancies and global industrial companies operating in Europe. Focusing on the key themes in risk management, the Council provides an opportunity for industry discussions and facilitates professional communication and sharing best practice in risk management, regulation and compliance. In addition, the Council meetings provide a unique environment for networking and socialising.


After six successful years of running think tank meetings in Europe, the European Risk Management Council is launching its first oversees Chapter – the Asia-Pacific Risk Management Council. It is an important milestone of Council’s long-term strategy which aims to create a global network of risk management executives. The inaugural meeting of the Asia-Pacific Risk Management Council will take place in Singapore on 12 July 2017. The topic of the meeting will be “Macroeconomic and geo-political risks in APAC region”. The think tank will discuss an interconnection between political and economic risks in the region and, in particularly, how political, trade and economic relationships of US, China and Japan can affect the APAC risk landscape.


The European Risk Management Council launched its quarterly publication "Risk Landscape Review". The first edition includes 11 articles dedicated to main topics discussed at the UK Leadership Meeting and written by our speakers. Topics addressed in this publication include Brexit, geo-political risks, macroeconomic risks, CROs risk heat map, data governance, cyber security, operational resilience and crisis management. Please download the first edition of the Review from our Resource Centre.

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