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The European Risk Management Council is a platform for sharing the knowledge and best practice in risk management. The Council represents a think tank of risk executives and risk ‘gurus’ from leading banks, insurers, investment and asset management firms and other financial institutions, consultancies and global industrial companies operating in Europe. Focusing on the key themes in risk management, the Council provides an opportunity for industry discussions and facilitates professional communication and sharing best practice in risk management, regulation and compliance. In addition, the Council meetings provide a unique environment for networking and socialising.


Risk Landscape Review – March 2020:

The European Risk Management Council has published the Q1 2020 Risk Landscape Review. This edition includes the following articles:

– “It’s called risk management for a reason” by Alex Knight, EMEA Head at Baton Systems, focuses on risks related to the financial payment and settlement process;

“Climate change is a global financial risk” authored by Oliver Wyman. It focuses on the interpretation of climate change risk and opportunities that can be exploited using risk mitigating strategy;

“Cyber resilience – an essential component of overall business resilience” by written Margarete McGrath, Chief Digital Officer UK and Ireland at Dell Technologies, and Michael Imeson, Senior Content Editor at Financial Times Live. The article addresses cyber risk in connection with business resilience.

Please download the Q1 2020 editions of the Review from our Resource Centre.



What the coronavirus tells us about risk management:

Dr Evgueni Ivantsov’s article titled “What the coronavirus tells us about risk management” was published in The Banker magazine. In the article, Dr Ivantsov argues that the banking industry is still not fully prepared to provide a robust response to extreme risk shocks. While the industry is better capitalised and less leveraged than it was a decade ago, the existing crisis management framework remains underdeveloped. It lacks some crucial elements that allow banks to successfully mitigate the impact of a crisis, should the “perfect storm” hit the industry. Please read the article:



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