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The European Risk Management Council is a platform for sharing the knowledge and best practice in risk management. The Council represents a think tank of risk executives and risk ‘gurus’ from leading banks, insurers, investment and asset management firms and other financial institutions, consultancies and global industrial companies operating in Europe. Focusing on the key themes in risk management, the Council provides an opportunity for industry discussions and facilitates professional communication and sharing best practice in risk management, regulation and compliance. In addition, the Council meetings provide a unique environment for networking and socialising.


Risk Council supports FT Cyber Security Summit:
Like in previous years, this year the European Risk Management Council will be a supporting partner of the FT Cyber Security Summit which will take place in London on 15-16 October 2018. The fifth annual FT Cyber Security Summit will continue to explore global cyber threats being faced and which business preparedness, resilience and solutions are required to ensure a robust defence. Moderated by Financial Times journalists, this event will provide a thorough interactive assessment of the dangers in cyberspace and how businesses and governments are investing in better defences for a more secure future. The Risk Council is proud to support this important event.


Risk Landscape Review – March 2018:
The European Risk Management Council has published the Q1 2018 Risk Landscape Review. This edition consists of four articles including a keynote speech “Adapting as Leaders to a Fractured World” of Dr Lee Howell, Managing Director, Head of Global Programming and Member of Managing Board of the World Economic Forum, delivered at 2018 European Leadership Meeting on 8 March 2018. Please download the editions of the Review from our Resource Centre.

Asia-Pacific Risk Management Council:
After a successful launch of APAC Chapter in Singapore last year, the Risk Council has announced an inaugural APAC Risk Council’s meeting in Hong Kong. The meeting will take place on Wednesday, 30 May 2018. The meeting will have dedicated to China. The discussion topic is “What Could Go Wrong with China: Economic and Political Risks for the Region and the World”. Participates of the think tank meeting will discuss potential risks related to China’s economic and political agenda (including international and trade relationships) and what the regional and global implications would be if some of stress scenarios did unfold.


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