Eliminating the Gender Gap in Decision-Making

17 October 2018
Central London

The aim of the meeting is to address the gender gap which exists at the decision-making levels in the financial services industry. The gender gap is not only detrimental from a social and cultural perspective, but it also represents a serious risk management issue. The substantial gender gap that exists today at the decision-making levels (including risk management functions) affects the robustness of management decisions, increases the risk of serious misjudgment and, ultimately, undermines the efficiency of the business. At the meeting, we discuss the causes of the existing gender gap and actions that firms should take to establish gender parity at the decision-making levels.

Meeting Agenda

18.00 Reception and refreshments

18.30 Chairman’s Welcome - Dr Evgueni Ivantsov, Risk Council's Chairman

18.40 Opening addresses from special guests

19.20 Free Flowing Debate

20.30 Chairman’s Summing Up - Dr Evgueni Ivantsov, Risk Council's Chairman

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