Data and Regulation

10 December 2018
City of London

This Fintech think tank meeting is dedicated to data and regulation. We discuss how advanced data solutions help financial institutions to meet growing regulatory requirements. On the other hands, we also focus on what financial institutions should do to ensure full compliance when they collect, process, use and store various data.

For this meeting the Risk Council brings together C-level executives, thought leaders and data “gurus” for a stimulating conversation.

Meeting Agenda
  • 18.00 Reception and refreshments
  • 18.30 Chairman’s Welcome - Dr Evgueni Ivantsov, Risk Council's Chairman
  • 18.40 Opening addresses from special guests
  • 19.20 Q&As and Free Flowing Debate
  • 20.30 Chairman’s Summing Up - Dr Evgueni Ivantsov, Risk Council's Chairman

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