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Accenture – Stage Gates Can Kill Innovation: Risk Management Can Fuel It

It’s hard to imagine a company discussing innovation and suddenly turning to risk management as the catalyst that will unleash it. Risk management is often viewed as the enemy of the innovation ideal. Through our experience with both innovation and risk management, Accenture has come to see them not as adversaries but as a potentially powerful union if married properly.


Accenture – The Challenge of Regulatory Implementation: A Strategic Approach

Effectively addressing these complex and interrelated challenges will be central to banks’ ability to regain and maintain high performance. Regulation is one part—albeit a major part—of the challenge facing banks. We will discuss how a strategic approach to regulation is a critical lens through which the “problem statement” should be viewed …


Accenture – The Risk Masters

In the wake of a series of disasters, organizations are putting in place more comprehensive risk management programs, with the intent of moving beyond a reactive approach to risk to one that can fuel business growth in a smarter, more controlled fashion. And according to new research, an elite group of companies is also emerging to embrace even more advanced risk management capabilities.



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