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While we are using the global mass market as an example throughout this report, the core messages and approaches apply across all of financial services (FS) – and other industries as well. Anywhere customers are served, customer value gaps can emerge and better solutions can be crafted to fill them. The affluent, small businesses, commercial and corporate clients are all affected by the same trends.

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Risk Landscape Review – June 2017

The European Risk Management Council published Q2 Risk Landscape Review. This edition includes five articles which cover macroeconomic, political and liquidity risks as well as cyber security and risk culture.


Risk Landscape Review – March 2017

The European Risk Management Council launched its quarterly publication “Risk Landscape Review”. The first edition includes 11 articles dedicated to main topics discussed at the UK Leadership Meeting and written by our speakers. Topics addressed in this publication include Brexit, geo-political risks, macroeconomic risks, CROs risk heat map, data governance, cyber security, operational resilience and crisis management.


Accenture – Rethinking Risk in Financial Institutions: Making the CFO-CRO Partnership Work

In this report you will see certain survey results tagged with an indicator.
These tags identify survey responses that were significantly more likely to be provided by high-performing risk and finance “Masters” than by the average financial services firms. We identified certain firms as “Masters” on the basis of finance and risk management performance metrics provided by the survey respondents.


Accenture – If a country leaves the Euro…

This occasional paper looks at a highly unlikely event which would, if it came to pass, have a significant impact upon investment banks. This paper is NOT a predication or forecast, it is an examination of the sorts of issues that would need to be addressed if the event under discussion transpired. The question we are considering is what is to be done as a result.


Accenture – Stage Gates Can Kill Innovation: Risk Management Can Fuel It

It’s hard to imagine a company discussing innovation and suddenly turning to risk management as the catalyst that will unleash it. Risk management is often viewed as the enemy of the innovation ideal. Through our experience with both innovation and risk management, Accenture has come to see them not as adversaries but as a potentially powerful union if married properly.


Accenture – The Challenge of Regulatory Implementation: A Strategic Approach

Effectively addressing these complex and interrelated challenges will be central to banks’ ability to regain and maintain high performance. Regulation is one part—albeit a major part—of the challenge facing banks. We will discuss how a strategic approach to regulation is a critical lens through which the “problem statement” should be viewed …


Accenture – The Risk Masters

In the wake of a series of disasters, organizations are putting in place more comprehensive risk management programs, with the intent of moving beyond a reactive approach to risk to one that can fuel business growth in a smarter, more controlled fashion. And according to new research, an elite group of companies is also emerging to embrace even more advanced risk management capabilities.



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